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Fiber Cement Board
Fiber Cement Application
Calcium Silicate Board
Fire Box Barrier
E&M Enclosure Systems
Insulated Drywall Partitions
Smoke Barriers
Temporary Internal Hoardings
Partitions are non-load bearing systems; partitions, ceiling abuts and structural elements (except floors) or dissimilar walls or ceilings should have a 9mm space.
Fixture attachments and lightweight fixtures should be installed with screws or toggle bolts inserted in the panel and, preferably, also through the stud. Wood or metal mounting strips for cabinets and shelving should be bolted to the stud framing.
Joint treatment
Overview of Concealed Ceiling Assembly Module
The frequent complaint for drywall partition with plaster board lies with its inability to carry objects. For this reason, fiber boards with various contents have been rolled out one after another. But their prices vary greatly and the cost rises accordingly. To address this problem, some common treatment measures for plaster boards are introduced below. As dry-wall partition is not for weight-carrying walls, independent support should be made otherwise for treatment of heavier objects.
Light-weight suspension 18-36 kg
Medium-weight suspension 40-79.5 kg
Heavy-weight suspension below 90.5 kg
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