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Fiber Cement Board
Fiber Cement Application
Calcium Silicate Board
Fire Box Barrier
E&M Enclosure Systems
Insulated Drywall Partitions
Smoke Barriers
Temporary Internal Hoardings
Factory Residential Hospital Hotel Mall School
Foxconn Jie Yun Shou Xi Xin Jian Gong Cheng  Wan Fang Hospital Millennium Hotels and Resorts Pacific SOGO Department Stores Co., Ltd. University of Taipei
United Microelectronics Corporation Yuan Xiong Wei Lai Cheng  Tri-Service General Hospital Taipei Garden Hotel SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI Taipei National University of the Arts
AU Optronics Corporation Bao Hui Jian She Hua Yuan Guang Chang Pixgtung Christian Hospital Howard Hotel Global Mall National Chiao Tung University
Panasonic Taiwan Guo Jia Hua Yuan Xin Jian Gong Cheng  Taipei City Hospital-Renai Branch   Chungyo Department Store China University of Technology
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